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Stress less, gain more, show up, and bounce back with confidence.


"I'll do that next week" is not accepted here.
"I don't even remember what I did yesterday" will no longer be a problem.

I'll help you rapidly gain more control of your life, your team's lives, be more productive and successful.

You can still be successful while having fun and living a fulfilling life. 

Let's boost your confidence, improve their well-being by with research-backed high performance habits.



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Hi, I'm Sara Centanni.

I was just like you...

As an executive,

I was always "tired" but not doing anything after work to make myself tired.

Chores were piling up, never had time to do what I wanted.

I barely remember what happened yesterday. 

But I struggled to turn my mind off.

Yet next week feels too far away to even think about.

Notifications were becoming too distracting at work.

I wanted to stop eating at your desk. I wanted a break!

It only felt like I was surviving, I should be thriving.

After a 3 AM ER visit, (and working 5 hours later), I realized...

I was not putting myself first. I was staying late putting out other people's fires instead of my own. 

Because of my perfectionist mindset, not taking care of myself, and taking on too much at once, I was creating my own pain. I had to learn to take ownership to overcome my obstacles.

This and more was holding me back from my potential. My ambition was pushing me too far. I didn't know how to manage my ambition to maintain a healthy lifestyle anymore. My asset to my success is now the reason for my burnout.

Since then, I've been able to gain more freedom, even with another 9-5.

I have more alignment with myself.

I have more energy.

I show up better at work & with friends/family.

I have more drive, but now I have control of the ambition behind it.

I can make decisions quicker & easier.

I am clear on who I am and my purpose.

I now am confident with taking on challenges that come my way because of the habits & work I've done since.

I get it. I've been there, done that. It's hard work. But it's totally achievable. You can get control in your life. And it doesn't take as long as you think.

If you think you're experiencing something similar, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's see how we can get you out of this burnout.

I believe you have limitless, untapped potential.

My clients are proof that you can discover your superpowers and live a life of success, wellbeing, fun, and joy.


Master Your Habits & Level Up Your Results

i'm here to help you master every area of life.

Your health, leadership, emotions, relationships, mindset, career, money, contribution, spirituality, and business.

It all matters and is important.

Your habits shape your lifestyle, so why not create successful habits for a successful lifestyle?


I’ve helped ambitious leaders become who they need to be in order to succeed

Over the last decade as a high achieving leader, I’ve worked with highly most successful people and I've discovered that success is not an accident and most of us are living far below our potential. I now support individuals & organizations on a research backed process that has proven to unleash fast powerful results and will help you achieve anything you want!

Maybe you want to become the best manager for your team.

Or find true fulfillment in your life.

Or build a 7+ figure business.

Or just have more energy to spend with your loved ones.

We all want to find that next level of success, and what it comes down to is learning how to create results.

Big, ambitious results.

This is why my process is so powerful. It can be applied to anything you want to achieve.

I’ve used this process to heal myself when get to the other side of burnout when I thought I would never make it to retirement. I went from burnout to creating a life that feels vibrant, fulfilling, and meaningful. You’re meant for extraordinary things, It’s time to level up and step into your power.


I'm not your typical Coach, Speaker, or Accountant!

I settled to be an accountant. This sent me on a career path that wasn't fully aligned with my life. 

I had the choice to stay in the burnout or do something about it.

I decided to take it and run with it. Now I have the opportunity to help you see the other side and what great potential you can get. Why not gain a mentorship from someone who's worked through it first hand?

Because I've been all the way through burnout, my approach is different.

I'll work by your side. Let's get you unstuck.

I'll break your ceiling & get you further in life than you can do alone.

I won't hold back. I'll be your blunt accountability coach - show you the things you haven't been able to see in order to reach your goals.

I'll create a custom game plan based on your life and needs. Lets talk through what's going on, what's standing your way, and what can we do to help you move forward.

I see you and here for you. Everyone is different. How I approach conversations will be based on how you operate & what works for you.

Let's activate your strengths within so you can achieve anything you want.


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